30 days left before the start of the Kurash championship

Exactly after one month the most important event of the year in the world Kurash calendar will take place – the World Kurash Senior Championship, the next Congress of the International Kurash Association.
The World Championship is the most prestigious and major competition for all sports and all athletes.
The Organizing Committee of the World Championship and the International Kurash Association have been conducting large-scale work on organizing and holding the World Championship at the highest level for 2 months.
About 70 national federations have applied to participate in the Kurash Championship in the city of Pune.
The championship program also includes kurash referees’ exams at the 2-3 star level and anti-doping seminars in cooperation with the WADA.
On November 24, the meeting of Congress of the Executive Committee of the International Kurash Association will start its work in the conference hall of the Orchid Hotel.
The Congress will consider the official inclusion of kurash in international sports games, the rules of refereeing and coaching, the organization of competitions, problems arising in the development of kurash in the world, the admission of national federations to the IKA, termination of membership and many other issues.

25 October 2022