Visas for Asian Championship participants will be issued at Iranian airports

To make it more convenient for the participants of the 13th Asian Kurash Championship among adults, which will be held on June 6-11, entry visas to the Islamic Republic of Iran will be issued at Tehran International Airport named after Imam Khomeini and other entry airports of the country.
Amir Sedighi, member of the organizing committee of the championship, chairman of the legal committee of the International Kurash Association, and member of the Asian Kurash Confederation’s Management Committee, informed about this.
The officials of the participating federations are requested to provide the flight information to the organizing committee in a short period.
After visiting the Islamic Republic of Iran, participants are required to submit their passports and visa list printed documents and a fee of EUR 100 per participant to the airport immigration offices and also a $10 fee for insurance during the stay
Airport visas avoid several days of hassle, such as going to the embassy or consulate, and waiting in lines.
Please see the chart for the payable amount by country.

29 May 2024