Komil Ruziev: Let 2024 be a luckier year than we planned!

We are about to end another year. Every year on the eve of the new year is a period of summary for ourselves. What we have done and what we are planning for the new year.

2023 has been one of the lucky years for the members of the World Kurash family, especially for the devotees of Asian Kurash.

In 2023, the senior continental championship was organized at the highest level in Hangzhou, China.

For the first time, international kurash training was held in Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan.

Also, our continent hosted many competitions and seminars held with the International Kurash Association, International Kurash Institute and partner organizations.

Today, on my own behalf and on behalf of our confederation, I would like to sincerely congratulate all the representatives of Asian Kurash on the great achievements made during the year.

I believe that in the new 2024, we will jointly hold important events for the development of our kurash.

I wish you good health and success in your career.

Happy New Year!

Komil Ruziev

President of KCAO

31 December 2023