Heroes of the 19th Asian Games

As we previously reported, the 19th Asian Games are presently taking place in Hangzhou, China.
The Kurash matches have started today. Xiaoshan Linpu Gymnasium presents the atmosphere of a kurash festival.
On the first day of the competition, the strongest athletes of our continent, who came from more than 20 countries, competed at the gilam in 3 weight categories.
Competitions in men’s 66 kg, +90 kg, and women’s 52 kg weight categories showed audiences the real charm of kurash.
The current winners of the Asian Games, World and Asian champions are participating in the competitions.
At the end of fierce and uncompromising competitions, the names of the first-day heroes of the 19th Asian Games were determined.
According to the results, in the weight category of 66 kg:

1. Shturbabin Artyom–Uzbekistan
2. Vahid Barimanlao Majid – I.R. Iran
3. Kwon Jaedeog – Republic of Korea
3. Khairandeshi Murodzoda –Tajikistan

+90 kg:
1. Khisomiddinov Mukhsin – Uzbekistan
2. Tejenov Tejen – Turkmenistan
3. Jeong Junyong – Republic of Korea
3. Yea On Kunathip –Thailand

52 kg:
1. Ortikboeva Khilola – Uzbekistan
2. Elmurodova Sitora – Uzbekistan
3. Amanova Aynur –Turkmenistan
3. Homklin Saowalak –Thailand

01 October 2023