Happy holiday, dear devotees of the Kurash!

Today is a happy day for all of us. Today marks 25 years since kurash was recognized as a world sport.
The past 25 years have been full of testing days and happy events for our kurash.
Kurash has become a favorite sport of thousands of people today.
All of us are happy that these achievements are due to the direct support of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Honorary President of the International Kurash Association Shavkat Mirziyoyev.
Today's happy day is the 25th anniversary of the International Kurash Association and on September 6 World Kurash Day, I sincerely congratulate all kurash devotees, leaders of national federations, and the World kurash family.
May our kurash rise. We intend that the height will serve as a place in the Olympic Games Program.

Komil Ruziev,

President of the Kurash Confederation of Asia-Oceania

06 September 2023