The international training camp has ended. Congratulations to the participants!

The more complex the training, the easier the competition!
Shirin Kubaeva, the head coach of the women’s national team of Turkmenistan, is a sports coach with merit obtained from the government of Turkmenistan.

Since the beginning of the year, we have been organising training camps for the national kurash team of Turkmenistan to participate in the 19th Summer Asian Games and the World Kurash Senior Championship hosted by the capital of our country. Firstly, we convened national-level meetings in Turkmenistan and tested our athletes in 2 groups, while our main team took part in Issyk-Kul. As for training, it is indescribable, especially in the natural environment of Issyk-Kul. This is an absolute natural marvel. We made a small change to the training schedule for the Turkmen team due to the attractiveness of the surrounding environment. We were running on the beach, on the sand. Even while it is challenging on its own, it strengthens the step and increases endurance. Daily kurash training in addition to running. Especially when your partner on the gilam is one of the strongest teams in the world, I believe that this is only an achievement. The training was not easy. There is a saying in sports: ” The more complex the training, the easier the competition “. We now only hope for positive results.

Thanks to the organisers of the Issyk-Kul International Training Camp!

Dilfuza Rakhmatova, head coach of the Uzbekistan women’s national team, was the world’s best coach in 2022.

According to the calendar plan of IKA and KCAO, Uzbekistan athletes participated fully in the International Training Camp in Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan, from July 1st-14th.
Our athletes were a bit tired on the first day. The reason is that we had to travel by bus for about 15 hours. However, the nature of the land, the high level of preparation by the organising committee, and the contemporary surroundings greatly aided in recovering and getting some rest.
We, the coaching staff, organised training in several stages. Athletes from Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, and Kyrgyzstan practice based on general physical training, special physical training, technical-tactical training, and training on the kurash gilam.
Despite being organised for the first time, our athletes are very and also in a good mood. Therefore, we can expect a highly successful result from our efforts.
I believe that this training camp will act as a high-level preparation for the 19th Summer Asian Games, the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in Thailand, and the World Kurash Senior Championship.
In Issyk-Kul, kurash training and an atmosphere of friendship and exchange of experience has been created. I want to express gratitude to the Issyk-Kul international training camp organisers.

International gatherings should be more frequent!

Mahboubeh Khorshidi, head coach of the Iranian women’s national team

We are pleased to have participated in the first international training camp of the Iranian women’s national kurash team in Kyrgyzstan. Undoubtedly, all training sessions organised during the camp will serve as a valuable experience for the athletes. We developed a training program in collaboration with the coaches of other national teams. Notably, general and specific training activities were given depending on each athlete’s physical and mental condition. This system is excellent because athletes weighing +100 kg and 66 kg differ from each other not only in weight but also in training.
Regarding the organisational issues, it is being organised for the first time, and very good preparations have been made. There are also some shortcomings, but the organisers fixed them all in time. The international training camp for kurash will be a positive development.


23 July 2023