About 20 questions within 3 hours The next congress of the International Kurash Association was held

On November 24, the most important event for the world kurash took place at the Ramada Hotel in Pune, India.
Representatives of about 70 national federations around the world, presidents of continental confederations, members of the EC of the International Kurash Association held a discussion about the work of the IKA, existing problems, plans for the future aimed at the development of Kurash in the world.
The Congress was chaired by IKA President, Director General of the Asian Games of the Olympic Council of Asia – Haider Farman.
About 20 issues were considered in the Congress.
The report of the President of the Kurash Association of India, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the World Championship Mr. Ramesh Popli was heard.
It should be noted that this championship will remain one of the most visited in the history of the World Kurash Championships.
About 400 participants from about 70 countries arrived in Pune to participate in this event. All necessary works have been performed – transport, hotel, training halls, venue of the championship. All of them are held by the organizing committee according to a special program.
Representatives of some countries will not be able to participate in the championship due to the problem of obtaining a visa. The reason for this is the state of India’s political and diplomatic relations.
According to the next item of the agenda, a video report of the President of IKA for 9 months was presented.
The report of the Presidents of the Continental Kurash Confederations on the next issue of the Congress was heard. First, the floor was given to the Presidents of the African Kurash Union, then the Kurash Confederation of Asia and Oceania and the European Kurash Confederation.
During the year, the number and quality of kurash championships, international tournaments, and continental championships on all continents of the world have increased. The continental senior and junior championships were organized at a high level by all confederations.
During the congress, issues of renaming several methods included in the IKA E-Kurash program for the study of kurash methods was considered. This will allow quickly and easily master the kurash methods while avoiding a number of misunderstandings.
In continuation of this question, the issue of the evaluation and warning procedure in the Kurash refereeing system was considered.
These provisions were developed by the international Kurash Institute to prevent misunderstandings that arise during competitions, to organize competitions in a more beautiful position and were submitted for consideration by the Congress.
During the Congress, 10 new national kurash federations were admitted to the IKA, particularly Djibouti, Egypt, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Switzerland, Ecuador.
The updated website of the International Kurash Association was presented during the congress. The website summarizes the most important information about the history of the Kurash, rules, latest news, calendar plan of the competition and so on.
Information about the IKA registration system program was also presented by the IKA Technical Commission.
This system is integrated into the IKA website and contains a list of representatives of national federations participating in online competitions. The system also enters data about the hotel, transport, flights. This will create good conditions for the organizers of the competitions. Athletes will also be able to use rating information in the database of this system.
During the Congress, the issue of additions and amendments to the IKA Charter was also considered.
A new position of honorary First Vice-President was introduced into the structure of the International Kurash Association. The candidacy of the Minister of Sports Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan Adham Ikramov was unanimously elected by the delegates to this post.

Speaking during the meeting, Mr. A.Ikramov expressed sincere gratitude to all participants for the expressed trust. As a representative of the motherland Kurash, he announced that he would make every effort to develop our beloved sport Kurash at a new stage.
After completing of questions and answers of the participants, XIX Congress of the International Kurash Association ended.

08 December 2022