Kurash Championship was held in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is one of the world's hotspots today.

The country has been fighting for peace for many years.

However, even in this context, the majority of Afghans are involved in sports, especially Kurash.

Kurash is one of the most popular sports in Afghanistan.

It has been almost 20 years since the National Kurash Federation was established in the country.

During this period, Afghan Kurash athletes have been participating in all international tournaments, world and continental championships organized by IKA and KCAO.

In 2006, Kabul hosted the 5th Asian Kurash Championship.

The country's high-level Kurash championship was held in Mazar-e-Sharif yesterday.

About 100 athletes from 7 regions of Afghanistan competed in 9 weight categories.

According to the Afghan Kurash Federation, the national championship and Kurash tournaments will now be held on a regular basis. We hope to see Afghanistan Participating at the upcoming Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games in Thailand as well as the Asian Games in Guangzhou.

02 December 2021