Resignation and Appointment

On 10 May 2023 Mohammad Reza Nassiri IKA Technical Director resigned from this post and he would like to be mainly involved in the position and duties that he has as IKA General Secretary. His resignation was accepted and he was thanked by IKA President Mr. Farman for all his hard work in developing Kurash on the Technical side and his loyalties to IKA, and Mr.Farman expressed that he wishes Nassiri to continue to help the next Technical Director with the vast experience that he has gained over this period, he will also continue as TD for the upcoming Asian Games. It’s worth while mentioning that Mr Nassiri has been involved in the Asian Games since 2002 Busan, 2006 Doha, 2010 Guangzhou , 2014 Incheon, 2018 Jakarta and 2023 Hangzhou as well as 2004 Athens Olympics.
Mr.Ravi Kapoor from India has been appointed as the new Interim IKA Technical Director by the order of IKA President in accordance with IKA regulations, he will be Interim until the next IKA elections in 2023.
Mr.Ravi Kapoor currently is the IKA Refereeing Director and he was also KCAO Technical Director and has vast experience in this field working with Mr.Nassiri on Technical Issues for nearly 20 years.
IKA would like to wish them both good luck on thier missions and hope that they can follow the Visions of the IKA President.

13 May 2023