08 June

The name of the Asia-Oceania Kurash Confederation will change

During 3 hours, 15 issues included in the agenda of the Congress were considered. Reports were heard. Suggestions and comments were made.

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07 June

Presidents of IKA and KCA visited Tehran

Today in the official reception hall of the Imam Khomeini International Airport, a welcoming ceremony was held for the President of the International Kurash Association Haider Farman and the President of the Asian Kurash Confederation Komil Ruziev.

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29 May

Visas for Asian Championship participants will be issued at Iranian airports

After visiting the Islamic Republic of Iran, participants are required to submit their passports and visa list printed documents and a fee of EUR 100 per participant to the airport immigration offices and also a $10 fee for insurance during the stay

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25 May

A refugee team will also participate in the Asian Championship

The decision on refugee communities was discussed at the 2023 IKA Congress in Ashgabat and the 2024 IKA Directing Committee meetings in Dubai, and relevant regulations were adopted.

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20 May

Iran determined to organise the Upcoming Asian Championships

Despite the circumstances, we wanted to inform you that we are committed to organizing the XIII Asian Kurash Championship in Tehran. We understand the importance of this event in promoting cultural exchange and fostering unity among Asian nations.

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16 May

Registration deadline for Asian Champions in Iran will be extended until May 20

By May 15, more than 150 participants from 15 national federations have registered. We request all national federations of the Asian continent to register the participants as soon as possible so that visa and other organizational issues can be resolved in time.

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16 May

Congratulations to Mr. Umarov Otabek!

Otabek Umarov was elected as a vice-president of the organization at the 2020 General Assembly of the Olympic Council of Asia. At present, Otabek Muhammadalievich is actively showing the potential of New Uzbekistan to the whole world, promoting the Olympic movement in our country and Central Asia.

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06 May

Kurash training will be included in the oldest and strongest sport club in Saudi Arabia

Khalid Al-Mahri, President of the Saudi Kurash Committee, said that the agreement aims to expand cooperation with the private sector by providing material and technical support to improve the effectiveness of training sessions and ensure the best results.

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04 May

The Asian Championship Deadline is less than 2 weeks away

The deadline for registration is May 15 (the same day).

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01 May

Haider Farman:inclusion of Kurash in the Islamic Solidarity Games

We held negotiations with International sports organizations and IF representatives of prestigious games. I am pleased to announce that Kurash is now a part of the Islamic Solidarity Games. We have reached positive agreements on this.

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