Kurash will take part in the Qingdao Games

Qingdao is one of the largest and most prestigious cities in China. Qingdao is located at the crossroads of important transport routes of the country. The city also owns a large seaport on the Yellow Sea.
Qingdao has hosted many major international sports competitions and prestigious games many times.
In addition, “Qingdao Martial Art Games” are held in the city every year. Many Olympic and non-Olympic sports were included in the Games Program.
Due to the high popularity of these games, the interest in them is increasing year by year. Many Olympic Games winners and World Champions will participate in the Qingdao Games.
On March 25, 2023, was the official starting day of the Qingdao Martial Art Games.
An important aspect of this year’s competition is that kurash was also included. The methods and techniques of kurash were demonstrated at the presentation attended by more than 1,000 spectators and sports officials.
According to the information received from the Chinese Kurash Association: Kurash will be included in the program of the Games as an official sport at the Qingdao Martial Art Games 2024.
We’d like to remind you that the Chinese Kurash Association organized a refereeing seminar and exam for Chinese kurash referees at the end of February. More than 150 experts participated in it.
The seminar was led by Chow Ngai Hung, a member of the IKA Referee Commission.

30 March 2023