Another new organization started working on Kurash

Yesterday, an online conference was organized with the participation of the heads of kurash federations of South Asian countries.
Representatives of kurash federations of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal took part in the conference.
The first point raised at the conference was that the South Asian Kurash Championship was planned to be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh on March 17-18 this year. However, due to organizational and other reasons, the time of this championship was changed by themselves.
Commenting on this matter, the President of Bangladesh Kurash Federation Mr. Humayun Kabir offered to hold the championship in July or August this year at a convenient time for everyone.
The matter was duly studied and it was agreed that a final decision would be made soon.
After that, the Director of the IKA Referee Committee, Mr. Ravi Kapoor noted that South Asian countries have the largest territories and the highest population in the Asian continent. However, in these countries, kurash is developing well only in a few countries. He said that kurash federations should be established in countries like Maldives and Bhutan.
He noted the need to establish a separate South Asian Kurash Federation in order to coordinate these processes and achieve the official inclusion of Kurash in the South Asian Games Program in the future.
All participants equally supported this initiative.
After that, the official part of the meeting began.
Those who participated in the meeting voted to open the South Asian Kurash Federation and approve its Charter.
After that, the governing body of the new organization was formed.
According to him, the President of the Indian Kurash Association, Mr. Dharmendra Malhotra, was unanimously elected as the President of the South Asian Kurash Federation.
Ravi Kapoor was elected as the first vice-president, Humayun Kabir (Bangladesh), Ananda Peris (Sri Lanka), Syed Wasim Uddin Hashmi (Pakistan), Dhurba Raj Neuapane (Nepal) as vice-presidents of the South Asian Kurash Federation.
Nepal Kurash Association Secretary General Pratiksha Kharel will also act as Secretary General of the new organization.
Also announced is Lal Singh from India as a Technical Director, Ankush Nagar as a Treasurer.
Secretary General of Kurash Confederation of Asia-Oceania, Mr. Farrukh Saidkulov also participated at the online conference.

19 March 2023