Important news! IKA has also introduced a new requirement for Coaches

IKA has also introduced a new requirement for Coaches. You cannot participate in official competitions unless you have an international kurash Coaching certificate.

International Kurash Association currently establishes a system of international belt grading of IKA and kurash coaches at official competitions.
This was announced by IKA Technical Director Mohammad Reza Nassiri at the IKA DC meeting in Dubai.
The relevant decision on this issue was approved by the IKA DC in November 2022 in the city of Pune and will be valid for all official competitions from 2023.
To register as a coach at all official competitions, an international license “A” or “B” is required. If you do not have a coaching license of this level, you will not be able to register as a coach. You can only participate as an official of the federation.
Starting this year, exams will be held before each continental championship. If the participant succeeds, he will be able to get the licence at the specified time and place. In addition, IKA may at any time send experts to any national federations that it deems necessary to pass the exams at the expense of the host country.
For reference: national seminars and exams for this belt and coaching level are held by the Kurash federations of Italy, India, Iran, Chinese Taipei, Congo.
International kurash institute plans to hold belt grading exams and an international coaching exam in Uzbekistan this year.

22 January 2023