19 April

Kurash activities are officially launched in the Maldives

There are very few sport federations in the Maldives due to the small population and the fact that the country’s infrastructure is geared more towards tourism than sports. However, interest in Kurash overcame several years of registration difficulties.

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09 April

The time of the 13th Asian Championship has changed

The time of the continental championship, which will be held in Tehran, Iran, has changed. As one of the holiest holidays of the Muslim world coincides with Eid al-Adha, the time of holding the 13th Asian Senior Kurash Championship was set for June 6-10, taking into account the available opportunities of the host country and creating favorable conditions for the participants.

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06 April

The official logo of the Asian Senior Championships was revealed

The second symbol is Damavand Mountain. This mountain is the largest peak in the Alborz mountain range. Its height is 5604 meters. Hot healing springs emerge from the slopes of Mount Damavand. The peak is covered by small glaciers.

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13 March

Tehran's Azodi Stadium will determine the name of the 2024 Asian Kurash champions

On 12 March, the KCA received the final confirmation from the Iran Kurash Association to host the Asian Senior Kurash Championships, KCA Congress / DC Meeting, IKA 1 and 2 Star International Refereeing Exam, and IKI Coaching Seminar / B License Exam.

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19 January

The XIII Asian Kurash Championship will be held in Bukhara

In connection with the high organization and holding of the Continental Kurash Championship, Sardor Karimov noted that the Kurash Federation of Uzbekistan expressed its willingness to support and cooperate. During the meeting, organizational and technical issues related to the championship were discussed. According to him, the date for the championship was set for June 4-10.

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31 December

Komil Ruziev: Let 2024 be a luckier year than we planned!

I believe that in the new 2024, we will jointly hold important events for the development of our kurash.

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01 November

Kurash seminar is being organized for the first time in Myanmar

Myanmar’s Ministry of Sports’ General Director Mr. U. Tun Myint Oo and KUSEA and Thai Kurash Federation President and KCAO Referee Director Mr. Pulsak Sajjathamnukul spoke at the opening ceremony. He warmly congratulated the participants.

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04 October

Happy birthday, Mr. Ruziev!

He has been working as an adviser to the President of the International Kurash Association for many years, and since 2017 as the President of the Kurash Confederation of Asia-Oceania.

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04 October

Liu Yi took home the Asian Games gold medal in China

Liu Yi started the competition in the quarter final. Albina Bakhrieva from Kazakhstan was defeated in the quarterfinal by one chala score.

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01 October

Announcing the winners and awardees of the second day

Umid Esanov added the gold medal of the 19th Asian Games to his collections. The women’s competition was also interesting, as expected.

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